Hey hey sorry I haven’t posted anything these last few weeks, school’s crazy and such. I do have like two requests left from my friend so when I get the time I’ll make those and post them. I guess from now on I’ll just post when I get requests which is how I pretty much did it anyway. So yeah keep sending requests and I’ll get to them when I have time.

25 February 2013    Reblog    

Sorry I’m slow school started and I’m just bad at keeping side blogs u-u I have four day weekends so I’ll try to at least do requests then (I have one now) but if I don’t have any requests I probably won’t post anything. I’ll try to stick to that at the very least.

Geez sorry, I have one ask left (I’ll do it I swear) but I haven’t been home for a few days so I haven’t had a chance to make anything new.

I’m out of requests again ;-;

15 January 2013    Reblog